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About the courses:

The aim of the 5 day courses is to give you the confidence and knowledge to use basic hand tools and some of the common power tools you may have in the home workshop, to show you how to look after your tools, keeping them sharp and in good condition. We will discuss what to look for when buying any tools, and of course the safe use of hand tools and power tools.

The courses are run in a well established workshop, each student has their own workbench, their own basic tool kit, their own extractors and PPE equipment (the PPE is yours to keep)

There will be a maximum of  4 students on any given course, allowing me to give the right amount of attention to each student.

You will be able to pick from a list of projects, each focusing on a different aspect of wood working. For example the course 1 project of a stepstool is all about dovetails, while the spining stool involves working on a lathe. The projects have been carefully chosen as something a novice can complete in 5 days or less, so that you go home with a finished project where you can proudly say “I made that!”.  

The courses are intended to be relaxed, happy and informal, where you go at your own speed, there is no pressure or exam at the end. The aim is that you complete the course with a sense of achievement, the desire and skill to make more things from wood in the future.

The courses cost £550 for the week, plus the cost of the wood that you use.

2024 course dates:

Course 2 Wood & things......17 - 21st         Sorry, this course is now full.
Course 1 Tools & things.......15 - 19th        Sorry, this course is now full.
Course 1 Tools & things.......19 - 23rd       Sorry, this course is now full.
Course 2 Wood & things.......16 - 20th      2 places left.
Course 2 Wood & things.......11- 15th       1 place left.
Course 1 Tools & things........9 - 13th        1
 place left.

2025 course dates:

Course 1 Tools & things.....17 - 21st         4 places left.   
Course 1 Tools & things.....17 - 21st         4 places left.

Course 1 Tools & things.....12 - 16th        4 places left.

Course 2 Wood & things....16 - 20th        4 places left.
Course 1 Tools & things.....7 - 11th          4 places left.
Course 1 Tools & things.....11 - 15th        4 places left.
Course 2 Wood & things....13 - 17th        4 places left.
Course 1 Tools & things.....13 - 17th        4 places left.
Course 1 Tools & things.....3 - 7th            4 places left.

Course 1 Tools & things.....1 - 5th            4 places left.

oct 2023.jpg

Oct 2023 course

If you mention you are doing the course when booking a small discount is on offer.


Places to stay:

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