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Course 2..Wood and things:

This course is aimed at people who ideally will have done course 1 (tools and things) or at least have a good working knowledge of hand tools & hand held power tools. The emphases is more on timber, what are acceptable defects in timber and what isn't, how do you write out a cutting list that means something to your supplier, what to look for when buying wood, design and drawing plans.  

The projects for you to pick from are more complicated and the level of accuracy required to successfully complete the projects is greater than course 1.

The same basic tool kit is provided for you whilst you are with me.

As with course 1 there will be a maximum of 4 students on any given course so that I can give the right amount of attention to each student.

The course runs 9 am - 5pm Mon to Thurs, Friday we usually finish between 2 & 3pm. 

You get to choose between these projects:

The small side table with hidden drawer:

This project involes mortice and tenon joints and the making and fitting of a dovetailed drawer, concealed as a side rail. Wood cost £110 without the drawer, £125 with a drawer.

The box of drawers:

This project involves making a dovetailed box, then the making & fitting of  2 or 3 dovetailed drawers.

Wood cost £80

New Project:- Small side cabinet:

This project involves mortice and tenon framing to make the cupboard and door, then learning how to fit hinges and hang the door.

Wood cost £120

c2 table with drawer.jpg
c2 box of drawers 1.JPG
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