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Course 1..Tools and things:

This course is aimed at the novice/beginner. The focus of the course is the safe use,& maintenance of tools, power tools and basic workshop equipment, all done while you make a project. Each day we have a Q&A session on the things we have done and are about to do including Marking out, sharpening, sanding and dust management, clamps and fixings..

The course runs 9 am - 5pm Mon to Thurs, Friday we usually finish between 2 & 3pm. 

You get to choose between these 4 projects:

The Stepstool:

A shaker inspired stepstool. This project focuses mainly on dovetails, it also includes jointing of boards edge to edge, shaping and router work. Wood cost £70

The side table:

A small 3 legged side table. This project invloves turning on a lathe, using a bandsaw, shaping and sliding dovetails. Wood cost £45

The spinning stool:

A traditional low seat with a high back. This project involves turning on a lathe, shaping of the seat (hollowing out) through mortices and some shaping. Wood cost £75

The long stool/coffee table:

This project can go one of  2 ways. You make the basic frame which involves mortice and tenons, bandsaw and router work. This can then either be taken away as is to be upholstered into a long padded stool or we put a top onto it turning it into a coffee table. Wood cost £80 for a longstool and £120 for a coffee table.

c1 3 leg table.jpg
c1 stepstool.jpg
c1 spinning stools.JPG
c1 long stool.jpg
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