About me & the courses:

I have been a successful cabinet maker, making bespoke furniture for customers for many years now. In that time I have made lots of different things, but by far my favorite things to make are boxes. I love the artistic freedom, the endless design possibilities and uses. From jewellery boxes, commerative boxes to simple desktop boxes.

I have also spent the last 15 years teaching 5 day cabinet making courses with a fellow cabinet maker in beautiful Cumbria, passing on what I have learnt, so I have decided to combine two of my favorite things and run weekend box making courses.

There will be a maximum of 4 people on any given weekend.

You will get to make a simple box with either mitred or dovetailed joints using a selection of woods. Your box can have a lift off lid or a hinged lid with solid brass hinges or hidden hinge pins and can be lined with a selection of materials from leather to felt. Dependent on time you can also do some simple inlay work. There is some leeway on design and size but please bare in mind you will only have 2 days to complete your box :-) For any more details please get in touch.

2022 course dates:

August 20/21            This course is now full.

September 10/11      2 spaces left.

October 1/2               3 spaces left.

November 5/6           1 space left.

December 3/4           3 spaces left.

2023 course dates:

January 21/22           4 spaces left.

February 25/26         4 spaces left.

March 18/19              4 spaces left.

April 22/23                4 spaces left.

May 27/28                 4 spaces left.

June 10/11                 4 spaces left.

July 29/30                  4 spaces left.

August 12/13             2 spaces left.

September 2/3           4 spaces left.

October 28/29            4 spaces left.

November 18/19        4 spaces left.

December 9/10          4 spaces left.

oct 2021.jpg

Oct 2021 course

Courses cost £275 which includes all materials, plus as much tea & coffee as you can drink.

To book a course or if you would like to discuss anything about the courses please get in touch, all contact details are on the contact page

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Feb 2020 course

feb course.jpg
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Dec 19 course