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I am now making some stock chess and backgammon boards for sale as well as offering a bespoke chess or backgammon board service for those looking for something that is very high quality , unique and handmade.


The chess and backgammon boards can be made in any  size and any wood combination you desire, perhaps to match a chess set, a room or table or just to your personal preference.


The chess boards I produce are solid wood, Not Veneers. Not mass produced and advertised as handmade! and are made to a very high standard.


Making the chess boards from solid woods means if the board should ever become damaged or scratched, it can be easily refinished a number of times, ensuring your board will always look in tip top condition.


The base of each chess board can be covered in real leather or suede, available in a number of different colours or perhaps you would prefer a folding board.


The finished chess and backgammon boards are oiled and polished with furniture and buffed to give a natural gloss rather than a plastic look.


The result is a truly stunning, unique gaming board that you will not see anywhere else. A centrepoint in any room and a joy to play on.


If you would like to know more about my bespoke chess or backgammon boards please get in touch.

elm chessboard2.jpg
backgammon box open.JPG
backgammon box top view.JPG
chess set yew.JPG
chess board purple heart.jpg
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